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PARtriculation is now available

PARtriculation has been released for public beta-testing. This CLI application makes it easy to test multiple PAR2 sets sequentially in a folder or folder structure. See the product page for details.


Major Client Project Goes Live

For the past month, I've been working on a project for a company with whom I have enjoyed doing business for well over 10 years. Requiring development in C++, C#, .NET, ASP, VBA, and VBScript as well as interoperability with third-party software, this has been a large and educational undertaking. Unfortunately, I cannot elaborate on the project as it is confidential.


Minor feature additions to Flambé

Relaxed Joliet and DVD+R(W) High Compatibility modes can now be enabled in Flambé. The former allows file names up to 109 characters to be burned.


Resumed limited development on Decompression Chamber

Due to user request, I have decided to add PAR2 support to Decompression Chamber. Whether it will be limited to testing as it was with PAR1 or whether it will also repair will depend on how much time I expect it to take. Stay tuned for more information on this.


Seeking private beta testers for PocketPrioritize

For details, check out my request for testers at Aximsite.



A new version of Flambé is now available. It now supports Nero 6 and later and also can perform file signature verification checks on burned files automatically after the burn.


PocketIntegrityCheck is now available

PocketIntegrityCheck, an application for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC, tests files against SFV and MD5 signature verification files.


Forums down

For security reasons, the forums have been taken down for the time being.


Details added for PocketPrioritize and Confabulation | Screenshots added for many applications | 0BFileMaker now available

I entered details about the two PocketPC applications PocketPrioritize and Confabulation. Additionally, screenshots were added for Bitspring Renamer, Flambé, Decho, ReinDir, HashMaker, SFVWatcher, OvenTimer, and 0BFileMaker. 0BFileMaker is also now available for download.


OvenTimer and Decho now available | mySnortWatchman details added

Despite having started these applications many years ago, OvenTimer and Decho are both exceedingly useful applications that I use to this day. However, before now, I did not make them available for download. I have rectified this and you will find details and download links on their product pages. Additionally, I entered the details about a (currently) in-house product called mySnortWatchman.

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