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  News Archive


Major Site Update

Besides updating most of the server software that runs this site, I have also made some major modifications to the functioning of the site, making it significantly more data-driven. Most would be considered "behind-the-scenes" but there are numerous small user interface tweaks all over the site.


Progress Updates

Livewire Assistant is still being actively developed concurrent with testing by private testers. Also, I've been considering adding basic "check-only" PAR2 support to Decompression Chamber.


Beta Software Expirations

Most Bitspring beta software expired on June 01, 2004. Updated versions of all of these applications are now available. All applications not currently in active development will no longer expire.

If any newly downloaded application is still reporting as expired, please post a message to the appropriate forum and I'll resolve the situation as soon as I can.


Site Downtime

This site was down over the past four days due to technical problems. It should not need to go down again for an extended period.


New Development Project

I recently started a project for my virtual airline, Livewire ( I will release details about the project as it develops. Ultimately, it will feature features specifically for all Livewire pilots as well as the general MS Flight Simulator community.


Beta Applications Updated

All beta programs that expired have been updated. Download them from the products download section.


Complete Site Facelift

Recently, I decided to redo the look of this website. First, I wanted to eliminate client scripting (javascript). Second, I wanted a more professional look. And third, I wanted to ease future updates to the site. What you see is the result. I hope it's well received. Comments should be posted to the Site Discussion forum.


Minor Program Updates

Some very minor updates have been made to nearly all Bitspring software products. Decompression Chamber now supports the new repair procedures implemented in RAR after version 3.10. (Make sure to turn the option on in the settings if using a version after 3.10) Also, I have updated the program icons for most products. Samples of the 48x48 True Color icons can be found by clicking on this image:


The site is back up with a product update as well!

After DirectTVDSL's abrupt announcement that they are ceasing operations, I decided to switch to Speakeasy. Unfortunately, Speakeasy did not handle the transition very well and this site was down for nearly two weeks.

The good news is that a minor revision of Decompression Chamber has been released.


Three more software products release to public beta!

Flambé, HashMaker, and SFVWatcher have now been released. A few locations on the site, namely the forum link in the TOC and some of the new applications in the product listing, do not yet have graphics. Until I make these, text links will work just as well.


Several software products release to public beta!

At long last, I have released a few programs into public beta-test. The programs are Decompression Chamber, Bitspring Renamer, and ReinDir. I hope to release several more very shortly.


Site is back up

I am happy to say that we are finally rid of ICOM, and the site is back up on a new host. However, I may be forced to move again, so please be aware of this in case of a future outtage. In the next couple of days I'll be moving a couple products into public beta-test, including Decompression Chamber.


Minor updates

I have made a few minor updates to the site. There is still very much to be done. Because I am in the midst of the neighborhood of 6 development projects on top of my consulting business, I have to leave the website as lowest priority since there is not much content to add, yet, anyways. All of my development projects that are in private beta-test are going smoothly and several will be publically released in the near future.

2001-May-20 is reborn

Having left the site down since the last time ICOM's hard drives crashed (and backups were lost), I'm finally now renovating I hope the new look and feel of the site is preferable to the old one. Because I am developing the site myself, it has to be somewhat more limited than I'd prefer. I'm going to focus on certain areas for now, so please don't be surprised or too disappointed if you hit any of my placeholders. ICOM apparently was bought out so I may stay with them for a bit and see if they've improved. Telephone tech support with their parent company was slow but effective.
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