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Bitspring Renamer

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Product Synopsis:

Bitspring Renamer (BR) is a utility designed solely for batch renaming of files. BR does not rename directories and also does not support renaming according to file-specific information (i.e. MP3 tags). These features were intentionally left out as there are products already available for these purposes. While many of BR's features can be found in other renaming utilities, the package in general has some advanced features that, when coupled with the "common" features, allow for extremely flexible, powerful and unique renaming options unlikely to be found in another product.


Full View with String Replacement Operation
String Insertion Operation
String Deletion Operation
Capitalization Operation

Status (including private betas):


WARNING! Be very careful with the UNDO command.  While all current testing seems to show that it is working
correctly after making a code change that I believe fixed the problem, there was a problem where after a
combination of multiple renames and undos the files were misnamed.  Namely, they were named in reverse order.
I believe this has been fixed but until further notice please verify your renames if you have used the UNDO

(TOFIX)	When a rename process is cancelled, those files that were already renamed need to be undone, somehow
(TOFIX)	UI glitches when a renamed process is cancelled

(TODO)	If more than X files are dropped onto renamer, auto-switch into non-enhanced display mode
(TODO)	Options for handling directories that are "dragged and dropped"
(TODO)	Capitalization: words typed into the second edit box should always be capitalized as typed
(TODO)	Change to virtual list control.
(TODO)	Creation of renaming log [Requires file identification from start to log creation]
(TODO)	Add  wildcard to replace representing full file title

VERSION HISTORY: - Public Beta Release
(ADDED)	Improved 'Copy' and 'Swap' functionality
(ADDED)	Ability to replace underscores with spaces when moving a string from Edit Box 1 to Edit Box 2
(ADDED)	Added 'Auto-Wildcard' feature which replaces numbers with a default wildcard when copying to the edit boxes
(ADDED)	Extended the above feature to optionally include the characters between any form of bracket for a automatic wildcard
(ADDED)	Clear buttons for the two edit boxes
(ADDED)	Adding the letter 'u' or 'l' at the end of a  wildcard, will uppercase or lowercase the result, respectively
(ADDED)	Adding in addition the letter 'a' with the above, will cause all characters in the wildcard replacement to change
(ADDED)	Optional creation of 0-byte ".renamed" files as an indicator of the name change
(ADDED)	Option to erase all current entries when new entries are dragged onto list
(ADDED)	Special capitalization cases
(ADDED)	Ability to run multiple operations at once (performed from the "replace" operation)

0.1.266 - Public Beta Release
(FIXED)	 wildcard may show result one greater than actual value
(ADDED)	Created primer temporarily in lieu of proper documentation (BitspringRenamerPrimer.chm)
(FIXED)	Always case-sensitive when using wildcards

0.1.259 - Private Beta Release
(ADDED)	Directory recursion support
(ADDED)	Clear on file drop option
(FIXED)	Bug causing crash that occurs in special circumstances when replace search string is found at the very end of the filename
(ADDED)	Disabling of controls during renaming (Uncertain why the UI updates during this procedure since the call is synchronous)
(ADDED)	Disable the "Case Sensitive" option when "Allow Wildcards" is enabled
(FIXED)	File mis-renaming after undo (Needs further testing to verify fix)
(ADDED)	Add "Swap" command for two edit boxes
(ADDED)	Double-click in the file list should copy the filename to the first edit box

0.1.241 - Private Beta Release
(ADDED)	Cursor response to R-Click gesture
(ADDED)	Add  wildcard to represent total number in listing
(FIXED)	Digit processing of 0 in  wildcards
(ADDED)	Add program icons

0.1.222 - Private Beta Release
(ADDED)	Add wildcard support to "String Replace" and relevant features

0.1.148 - Private Beta Release
(ADDED)	Enhanced Display Mode

0.1.135 - Internal Release
(ADDED)	Modified interface
(ADDED)	Saving of state information
(ADDED)	Saving of window position/size
(ADDED)	"Force extension capitalization" rule

0.1.117 - Private Beta Release
(ADDED)	Capitalization functionality

0.1.106 - Private Beta Release
(ADDED)	Original functionality
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