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PocketPrioritize for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC

Product Synopsis
System Requirements
Product Documentation [Primer Only]
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Product Synopsis:

PocketPrioritize gives advanced users the ability to control the priority of the threads and processes running on their PocketPCs. Features include:

  • Adjustment of individual thread priorities
  • Pseudo-adjustment of process priorities by adjusting all thread priorities of process with a single command. (Pocket PC OS does not support true process priorities.)
  • "Auto-Scan" which updates the list on a time interval of user's choice.
  • Filtering of processes by an exclusion list, allowing system and other processes to be omitted from display and safe from unintentional modification.
  • The ability to lock processes at a selected priority. When a new process is detected, if it was previously locked at a priority, it will be automatically set to that priority. Works with "Auto-Scan" to keep new processes detected and adjusted.
  • Killing individual processes

This is an powerful application for advanced users only . Microsoft never intended user control of global process priorities on the PocketPC. Due to this, there is no official PocketPC API for most of this application's features. I made use of multiple undocumented APIs. Therefore, it may not operate properly, it may not operate at all, or it may even be harmful to the PocketPC. Therefore, the user must take complete responsibility for any repercussions caused by using PocketPrioritize.

PocketPrioritize has been reported to work on the following devices:

  • Dell Axim X3 / Pocket PC 2003 / PXA263 (in-house)
  • Dell Axim X51v / Windows Mobile 5 / PXA270 (in-house)
  • x86 Emulator / Pocket PC 2003 / x86 (in-house)
  • more will hopefully be added when I get input from users

Even if your PocketPC is listed here, all warnings with regard to use of PocketPrioritize remain.

System Requirements :

  • Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition, Windows Mobile 5
  • Intel ARM or XScale processor or x86 Windows Media / Pocket PC emulator *
  • Operates properly on both QVGA and VGA displays in both normal and landscape orientations

* x86 builds for testing in a Windows Media / Pocket PC emulator are also available for download.


Main View
Action Menu
Thread Menu
Process Menu
Launch Warning (First run only)

Status (including private betas):

I will be seeking private beta testers for this application in the near future. Keep at eye out at the Aximsite forums for details.

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