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Confabulation for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC

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Product Synopsis:

Confabulation is a PocketPC MP3 player designed specifically for audiobooks. Its most notable features include:

  • Bookmarking (without modifying the files)
  • 10s, 1m, 5m, and 10m rewinding and fast-forwarding capable of moving across multiple MP3 files
  • Auto-Stop which will automatically pause after a set number of minutes. Ideal for those who fall asleep while listening
  • Advanced Power-Saving features more sophisticated than those built-in to PocketPC
  • Adjustable Auto-Rewind rewinds play just a bit before playing each time so not a word is missed
  • Control the application through the menus, on-screen buttons, or allow Confabulation to take control of the hardware buttons.


Unfortunately, it will likely be impossible to ever release this publically. When I began this project, Thomson, the patent holders for MP3, allowed the free distribution of not-for-profit MP3 decoding applications. However, after doing so long enough for MP3 to become entrenched as the ubiquitous audio compression format, they revoked that allowance. Now, for me to release this application, there would be a minimum $15,000/year royalty. Therefore, they have effectively stamped out a majority of freeware MP3 players, which are the very thing that put them in their position in the first place. Legal? Yes. Ethical? Not in my book. The lesson to be learned here is for all of us to support free, open and unpatented standards like Ogg Vorbis instead of closed standards like MP3.


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Status (including private betas):



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