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Product Summaries

Bitspring Consulting - Software development, hardware, software, systems and network integration, and computer maintenance consultancy.

Livewire Assistant - Livewire Assistant (LWA) is a sophisticated tool for MS Flight Simulator 2004 (FS2004). It has primarily been developed as an advanced interface for Livewire Virtual Airline pilots although much of its functionality is very useful for any FS2004 pilot who makes frequent use of pre-configured flights.

Decompression Chamber - Graphical user interface that "wraps" several popular command-line compression utilities in order to greatly improve testing, repair and extraction of compressed archives especially when dealing with a large number of archives.

Bitspring Renamer - A sophisticated mass file renaming utility. Primary functionality includes text replacement, text insertion, character deletion, and capitalization. Wildcard capabilities allow for enumeration and other advanced capabilities.

Flambé - Flambé, a front-end application for the Nero - Burning Rom engine, allows for burning of multiple directories each onto their own CD-R(W) or DVD+/-R(W) without any user input. This allows for much more convenient burning of multiple disks when the data can be prepared in advance.

PARtriculation - PARtriculation is a CLI (command-line interface) front-end to operate the PAR2 verification and repair features of Peter B. Clements' QuickPar on multiple PAR2 sets in folders or folder structures.

Decho™ - [Pronounced Dek-o] - A utility for detection and management of duplicate files. It includes the ability to read in 0-byte files created with 0BFileMaker so databases of files no longer local to the search, can be included in the search.

ReinDir™ - [Pronounced "Reindeer"] - After selecting directories using an Explorer-like interface, ReinDir allows basic substring searching of the filenames in those directories.

HashMaker - [Development Name] - HashMaker's creates .SFV (CRC32 File Verification) files for files across multiple directories.

SFVWatcher - [Development Name] - SFVWatcher watches removable media drives (like CD-ROM drives). If media is inserted that has a .SFV CRC32 File Verification file in the root of the media, it verifies the files contained in the .SFV file against the data on the media

TruCounter™ [Self-Published] - Windows 95® and later line count utility for WordPerfect® for DOS 5.1 and later, and WordPerfect® for Windows 6.0 - 9.0 targeted for medical transcriptionists.

OvenTimer - Simple application allowing the user to set alarms and timers.

AVStats [Development Name] - Application that extracts a great deal of specific (primarily header) information from supported multimedia file types. Currently supports MPEG-1, AVI, RM, ASF, and WMV file types. Highly configurable and capable of outputting in a number of formats.

BackMod [Contracted Software - Not Currently Available] - Maintains copies of the files in selected directories to an alternate location. Many options specific to the contractor's requirements.

mySnortWatchman - A Windows® data shunt service that copies Snort (intrusion detection system) mySQL-formatted output into a format readable by the free, automated internet abuse reporting service myNetWatchman.

0BFileMaker [Formerly DBFileMaker] - Application created for in-house requirements. Generally launched from Windows® Explorer via context menu, this application creates 0-byte files with the names of the selected files and configurable suffixes including insertion of certain file details. Allows for "notes" to be created for files which will then be viewed adjacent to the original in Explorer.

Other - Products not likely to be of interest to the internet community as a whole.

Archives - Contains all remaining completed (generally obsolete or limited interest) Bitspring applications.

Graveyard - Contains all abandoned products.

Documentation - Browsable and downloadable documentation library for Bitspring software.

Download - Download area for Bitspring software products.

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