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Computer Gaming

This entire section is new and in a very early phase of development. Additionally, the Hall of Fame database is still very incomplete.

The Best Computer Games of All Time

Deus ExWin3220001st RPG Act StlIon StormEidosY
Planescape: TormentWin321999Iso RPGBlack IsleInterplayY
System ShockDOS19941st RPG ActLooking GlassOrigin SystemsM
Complete Hall of Fame Here

Reviews and Rants:

None available yet!

Indie and Mod Developers to Know About

Name Status Comments
John P.'s High-Res Game TexturesAvailable/
'Must-have' replacement textures for Thief 3, T2X, and Deus Ex 2
Mount & BladeAvailable/
In Development
Available as a free demo and purchasable as an 'in development' product for a reduced price, this is the best medieval setting combat game ever, and aspires to be a good RPG
In Development
Orbiter is a free space flight simulator focused on realism with a steep but very rewarding learning curve
T2X: Shadows of the Metal AgeAvailable/
A fan-project adding a whole new and full-length story to Thief 2
Ultima 5: LazarusAvailable/
In Development
A complete remake of Ultima 5 as a FM (modlet) for Dungeon Siege
KotOR2:tSL Restoration ProjectUnavailable/
In Development
A project attempting to restore much of the cut audio and video from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords
The Dark ModUnavailable/
In Development
This exciting Doom 3 FM recreates the style of gameplay from the Thief series and will contain all the resources necessary for public development
Titans of Ether/
Ultima 9: Redemption
In Development
Team developing both an all new game/story for Ultima 9 using the Morrowind engine and a future project for Oblivion

Other Good Sites

Name Comments
AVSimThe best addon site for Microsoft Flight Simulator and a good source of news
Home of the UnderdogsA terrific site dedicated to underrated games throughout the history of computer gaming
Morrowind SummitOriginally the best one-stop-shop for Morrowind mods, now diminished in quality since being rolled into the Planet Elder Scrolls site
RPG WatchThe best overall CRPG news site with a hard-core but sensible community
The EscapistThis is the best magazine about computer gaming, period, and don't let the fact that it's a free e-zine make you think otherwise
Through the Looking GlassSite dedicated to the memory of Looking Glass Studios with information on LGS games and other games with a similar style

My Odds and Ends:


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